Following a suspenseful campaign by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the latter managed to win the ticket to the White House in what may be one of the most important elections of the 21st century. Yet two months have passed and we are already seeing Donald Trump moving away from the agenda that he presented during his campaign, towards some more logical steps, one may say. However, two questions arise from this move. Firstly, why did he change his agenda, and secondly, is this what Republicans want after having voting him for his previous agenda?

It is common knowledge today that politicians do, indeed, exaggerate or present half-truths in order to appeal to the public by offering solutions to problems that cannot really work. An example of this is the stance that Trump had when regarding Obamacare.  From its establishment in 2010, the percentage of uninsured persons has dropped from 17% to 8%. While a difference of 9% may look small, in a country like the USA 9% is almost 300,000 people. Having that in mind, Donald Trump stated in his race that “Obamacare was a complete fraud” and that Congress must repeal it. This was a move by Trump to appeal to the higher classes which, indeed, are burdened the most by paying the extra taxes for Obamacare.   Yet now we see that Trump does not want to repeal Obamacare, he merely wants to change it with something cheaper and more effective. The problems with his statement are many.

Firstly, he has not offered anything more specific. It is simply rhetoric. Most people are not educated enough to be able to spot these types of things in the speeches of political persons and just go on to believe that it is best for them to scrap Obamacare. They do not understand that they may be left uninsured or insured with a program that is not as broad as Obamacare.  However, Trump may create a better program. But, since there is no program for us to look at, we are only left wondering.

Secondly, how can this work? With a smaller budget, some compromises will have to be made on certain aspects of the program that might prove to be detrimental to the people that put their trust on the government to medically insure them.  If he does indeed find a way to make this program better then that’s great.

The biggest problem of them all, though, is the fact that the American people voted for Trump in order to repeal Obamacare. Not change it. What are those people going to think now? I will discuss this later on.


Furthermore, the problem with Donald Trump is that he has taken politics to the very next level, often saying something and then doing the exact opposite. For the infamous Wall, Trump is doing the complete opposite of what he said. This is very notable to discuss, since the wall was the the flagship of Trump’s campaign. The USA are a country where everyone can get a job and have a better life, just as the American Dream states. As a result, over 40 million people living in the States are foreign born, 11.5 million of which are illegal immigrants, most of them from Mexico. Furthermore, the recent attacks of Muslims on other countries such as France and Germany further instill the idea that foreigners are not welcome, especially Muslims. It is justified, thus, for the Americans to be demanding a change in the border control system. An ineffective change was attempted by Obama. In 2015 there came a man who supported a no Muslim policy and a Wall to be erected throughout the entire Mexico Border. Donald Trump combined that with some more propaganda and swayed the “patriotic Americans” on his side. Many times the wall idea was challenged by the media by calling it too expensive. But, here we are now hearing Trump saying that the wall was never intended to be a wall. It will be part fence, part wall, part nothing. Trump was lying on people’s faces during the campaign. He knew that the wall was a bad idea, but he used for securing the vote of the workers, that are the class affected most by immigration. Few people understood that the wall would drive the United States bankrupt and, at the end of the day, prove to be completely ineffective. Trump has now revoked his wall proposal which, weirdly, was met with no opposition from anybody.

This pretty well leads me to the other aspect of this blog post. It is about the mentality of the voter. There have been many “tragedies” this year. Brexit, Italy, you name it… This year, voters have shown a totally different approach to voting. They don’t really care…

Donald Trump managed to use the new voter model to his advantage. He did not get into detailed explanations of his stance on certain issues and gave reasons to vote for him that seemed to be absurd. The flagship example for this is the infamous “vote for me because you have nothing to lose” which Trump said to the black people while, at the same time, showing to the rest of the public that he is a bigot and a rascist. Despite his comments, Trump secured 8% of the black vote, compared to 4% that Mitt Romney earned, Forbes reports. For Latinos, Forbes states that Trump secured 30% of the vote, despite his firm public stance against them… This does indeed raise questions about the involvement those people had in listening to what each candidate had to say, despite the plethora of debates.

Concluding, it still remains to be seen if Donald Trump will climb the ladder to become one of the most successful Presidents of the USA. He has repeatedly changed his stance on important issues and that change was met with no challenge. This leads me to believe that a new voter model is starting to surface that votes without having the knowledge on the topic to vote in a correct manner.

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